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16 March 2007 @ 10:38 am
★★★★•*´¯`*•.¸ .. Collector Questionnaire .. ¸.•*´¯`*•★★★★  

This is me ^^Name/Alias:

US Kansas City Mo.


1. How long have you been collecting Sailor Moon items?

I got the 6" ugly faced dolls and locket when I was little, but
I didn't start seriously collecting till 1999.

2. How many items are in your collection?

Really too many to count. I have a lot of loose little things.
Just see the photos on my journal.

3. Do you keep your items in the box or are you a ‘de-boxer’?

If I buy them boxed, I leave them boxed. It really doesn't matter to me
which way they come, as long as the price is good.

4. How do you display your collection?

I use these 5 tier book shelves. I already have four, so I just keep cluttering
everything on them. I don't really have room for another one.

5. What was the first piece that started the whole thing?

It was the ugly 6" dolls & transformation brooch from toys R us.

6. What is your favorite/most treasured/meaningful piece in your collection?
My transformation brooch since it was the first thing I got.

7. What is your most desired collection piece that has yet to be acquired?

 cosmic heart compact. i got one
So i guess now it would be a boxed Super Moon babydoll. 

8. What is your favorite category (dolls, cels, etc) for collecting from and why?

I love everything! Toys and dolls!
I 'm not too interested in cels , posters,cards or books.

9. Is there any item/character that you wish had been made into a toy?

More villains! but there is so much stuff already to collect!

10. Where do/did you find most of the items in/for your collection?

I got all my US dolls from KBToys, everything else I have gotten online.

11. What is the greatest length you have gone to for a particular item?

Probably flying out to anime conventions. Spending craploads of money :(

12. What is the most expensive item in your collection?

First is my 12" Musical doll set.I Had to slowly pay it off..Second is my
Stallion Reve. I had to have it because all the scouts talk on it,
Hope I never have to spend that much on one item again.

13. What was the best bargain you’ve ever managed to get?

I was able to get all the pretty faced 12" dolls from KB on clearance including
the Mini moon and Wickedlady & Mini moon Serena sets. Only one I was missing was
Saturn but I got that for $20 on ebay a long time ago.

14. How do you feel about bootlegs?

I will get them if they are cheap and look cute.
i don't like the ones that intentionally deceive, like the boots of gashapons or petits

15. Do you have plans to sell your collection in the future?

No, I don't think I ever will. I will just sell extras

16. Do any of the items in your collection have a neat story behind them?

I use to belong to a Sailor Moon Yahoo group that ran contests.
I entered one for drawing a funny picture and I won! So they sent me a prize!
it was my heart medallions set and the first four mixx comics. That was the best!

17. What do your friends/family think of your hobby?

No one in my family ever mentions it to me, they never really see the collection.
My boyfriend lets me buy this stuff becasue he see's it as something i can sell if we ever need quick cash.

18. Do you collect anything else, or just Sailor Moon related items?

I only seriously purchase Sailor Moon stuff.
I have collections of Horror toys, Barbies, Nintendo toys,Disney stuff

19. What do you think the lowest quality/least desired kind of Sailor moon
item is?

Those ugly faced dolls or that moon cycle.
i really don't know, I like everything.

20. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
My Collection
My Wish List
Currently Selling/Trading